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Alex Magallan Reviews The NEW Grasshopper XT!
August 21, 2013 Comments ()

25-year old pro Ipath BMX rider, Alex Magallan, took the new Grasshopper XT's for a couple of spins on his bike.  According to Alex, the XT's are some of the best riding shoes Ipath has ever made.  The photos below were sent in by Alex after a couple of hard days on the XT's. 

"My favorite part of the shoe has to be the heel support," says Alex, "It absorbs impact better than anything I've ridden in a long time.  Also, the bottom sole has killer grip!  No pedal slippage, no shin destruction.  I was really surprised about that." 

"There's also a good mix of colors," continues Alex, "I like the brown with the whole sole.  You can rock them on and off your bike.  Pretty much the ultimate riding shoe, not too thick yet not too thin...pretty much exactly what you need when you're diving in!" 

Check out the new Grasshopper XT, available in 5 colors and textures.  The pictures that Alex sent in are of his favorite colorway, Coffee/Cowskull/Electric Blue. 

Click here to see the Grasshopper XT