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Mark Mulville.
October 04, 2012

Seth Kimbrough Update
October 29, 2012

Seth Kimbrough Update
October 29, 2012 Comments ()

Some people have noticed that Seth has been laying low lately. Well, he always lays low, but lately, it's been more than usual. He's back, and back in a big way. Here is an email that I got from him, along with some pics from his journeys.... "What's up everyone! So as most of you have Probably noticed, I've been laying low the past few months. This past year has been a tough one! With it being my last year in the twenties I've felt really un motivated to be honest! We all go through those times as riders, it's the down times that make the up times so good though I believe. On top of lack of motivation, I've been going through some of the toughest times of my life due to many personally issues. I found my mind being everywhere but wanting to be riding a bike. To make a long Story short... I took time off from Riding to focus on myself and family. With in the past few days I've found myself getting stoked at the thought of riding, and traveling again. So! With that said, I am back on my bike, and feeling really good! Stoked to get some trips going, and make up for lost time. Here are a few photos from the past few months."